Scissor Sharpening & Repair

Professional Hair and Barber Scissor Sharpening

Maintaining a razor sharp cutting edge is critical for professional stylists. Our experts have been trained to professionally sharpen scissors to their original standard.

For many years Kanpeki Hairdressing and Barbering Scissors have had a close association with the leading Sharpening Centre in Southwest England who provide specialist training to sharpen Convex, Semi Convex, Bevel Edge and Serrated Hairdressing and Barbering Scissors. We can sharpen any brand of hair or barber scissor and we keep a comprehensive range of Kanpeki scissor original spares.

As the only UK and European approved and authorised trainer for Edge Pro (Nebraska Blades) Wolff Industries and Kanpeki we can sharpen and repair to the highest OEM standards giving you complete peace of mind.

We also have a trained team of Skilled Sharpeners in several parts of the UK and Europe who can sometimes sharpen at your premises. As Authorised Distributors for Kanpeki most carry a comprehensive display case for you to hold test and purchase our scissors.

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Scissor Cleaning & Maintenance

Along with a regular scheduled service and sharpen professional hairdressing and barbering scissors require daily care for them to maintain peak performance and maximise their life:

  • Keep the edge – only use your hairdressing and barbering scissors to cut hair.
  • Be aware of your thumb pressure and hand movement when cutting. Incorrect alignment or excessive thumb pressure will wear the scissor quicker.
  • A combination of dirt, residual hair and salon styling products can quickly build up to dull your scissor blades and penetrate the tensioning mechanism which will negatively affect the scissors performance.
  • Wipe your scissors down after each haircut.
  • Cleaning with an alcohol or acetone based sterilising solution is a good hygiene measure for hairdressing and barbering scissors.
  • At the end of your day, lubricate your scissors with a quality oil such as Kanpeki Lube. Open the blades and put a drop into the tensioning mechanism, let it run through. Brush the blades with oil and close.
  • Tension mechanism – occasionally you will need to tweak the blade tension. Even the sharpest blades will not cut properly if the tension is out and they will fold or bend the hair, too tight and they will push the hair.
  • Store your scissors preferably flat and individually in a dry environment.

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