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Kanpeki Barbering Scissors

Todays cutting edge technology – at your fingertips.

We use a range of the worlds finest steels to manufacture our modern ergonomically designed hairdressing and barbering scissors to ensure you have the sharpness, precision and comfort required for you to consistently deliver great cutting.

Scissor Sharpening Warranty

How to Choose Barbering Scissors

There are many grades of Stainless Steel, often measured using the Rockwell scale of hardness.

A professional barber should be looking in the area of 55 to 63 HRC on the scale, below 55 the scissor becomes more malleable, softer, it will blunt quicker, beyond 63 the material is very hard but more prone too chipping.

Steel produced in Japan and the USA is generally a good mark of quality.


Barber Scissor blades come in various styles and will either have a bevel or convex cutting edge. The bevel edge is the traditional style with a steep angle they are a robust, durable and reasonably easy to sharpen, well suited to cutting dry hair.

In recent years Convex blades have gained in popularity. The blade edge has a fine angle with a honed cutting line and hollow ground inside which produces an incredibly sharp smooth cutting action. These versatile blades favour wet hair and are the best design for slide and point cutting and texturising.

Blades can also be serrated, fine lines running across the blade length which help hold the hair, the downside is an increase in noise and blade resistance.


Barber Scissor handles are either opposing or offset. The traditional style is with opposing finger holes which were the only choice available for many years hence the industry standard. This style means that you are cutting with a fairly closed hand which puts extra strain on the thumb and wrist.

The more recent innovation is the offset handle design with a slightly shorter thumb extension. This allows cutting with a more open hand which reduces the pressure on the thumb and wrist, a huge advantage to comfort and health.


The scissor tensioner allows you to tune the blades so that they meet accurately. Correct tension is so important, too loose and the blades will fold or bend the hair, too tight and they will push it and go blunt quickly. A good tensioner will have a ball bearing centre which reduces friction for smooth operation spreading the load over the stock of the scissor handle most evenly. Tensioners are either tightened by a finger and thumb control or by a spanner.

A well made scissor should carry a lifetime warranty covering its material and parts.

Factories that use material of a high and consistent quality with a skilled workforce and recognised quality checks will usually offer this guarantee.

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Your scissor is the main tool of your trade so its quality, design, weight, length and appearance will have a large impact on your performance.

Do consider the weight, balance and fit in your hand. A good connection of your ring finger and thumb in the handle is important for accurate blade control and should be comfortable with your index and middle fingers resting on the scissor stock and handle and little finger on the rest adding balance, stability and precise blade direction.

For scissor sizing a good basic guide is to lay the closed scissor in your hand with the top handle hole on the base of your thumb. The end of the blade should reach the top section of your middle finger.