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Kanpeki has been manufacturing high quality hairdressing and barbering scissors for nearly 20 years.

Our range has evolved by listening to the experiences and opinions from Master Barbers and Senior members of the National Hair and Beauty Federation through to the stylists and staff of salons and barbershops throughout the UK and Europe.

The aim was to manufacture a high end range of scissors from top quality material with cutting edge technology in designs that were affordable. People requested razor sharp blades to give a long scissor life with comfortable handles in designs that would give them the confidence and desire to fully use their skills.

There are a number of main principles that we incorporate into most designs:

  • Manufacture from quality Japanese or American Stainless Steel
  • Machined Convex blades for soft smooth cutting
  • Offset handles for comfort and control
  • Precision tensioners for accuracy.

People were also keen for after sales service, so to keep those razor sharp edges, Kanpeki have a number of skilled craftsmen who have been trained to sharpen and repair to OEM standards across all makes, and if the scissors are made by Kanpeki, then worn parts can be replaced with new.

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Customer Reviews

For the past 7 years, I’ve only used Kanpeki Hairdressing Scissors. Picasso and Van Gogh, they give me everything I need for high end hair styling. The Van Gogh thinner is fantastic for adding texture.
Wayne Hill – Director at Broad St. Hair
Kanpeki Barber scissors are my scissor of choice. They are perfect for all types of barbering, close work over the comb and fine detail. The built in tang gives them great balance and control.
Panicos Lasarou – Master Barber
I’ve been using Kanpeki Hairdressing Scissors for years. I’ve used the 6” Sculptor which have great balance and also have Picasso which are so comfortable, well-balanced and light.
Dan – Salon Manager
I love my Kanpeki Hairdressing Scissors, they are so good for slide cutting and just glide through wet hair.
Lucy – Stylist
Kanpeki modified my Barber scissor from blue to pink. It looks fantastic and just glides through the thickest hair. It gives me the control and accuracy I need.
Sarah – Barber

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